EpicPromise for a Zero Footprint

You’ve heard about Vail Resorts Epic Promise for a Zero Footprint, now meet Heavenly's team working towards those goals; the "Project Zero" team.

The purpose of the Heavenly "Project Zero" Team is to develop and implement programs to help achieve the “Epic Promise for a Zero Footprint” goals at a local resort level. The team will work to:

-        Create and execute energy efficiency campaigns with a focus on employee engagement
-        Create and execute waste reduction campaigns with a focus on employee engagement
-        Solicit and evaluate employee ideas for sustainability projects


Meet your team:

Bryan Hickman (Captain), Sr Manager of Snow Surfaces

Frank Papandrea (First mate), Environmental Manager

Tyler Lehman, Grooming Manager

Eric Cambria, Mountain Dining Warehouse Manager

Dave Davis, Sr Manager of Tamarack Lodge

Annalisa Babich, Administrative Assistant to Activities

Jason Beauchesne, Building Maintenance Tech

Brian Ludlow, California Kids’ Ski & Ride School Manager

Dana Paugh, Activities Manager

Tom Maugeri, Security Manager

Ryan Olm, Retail / Rentals Area Manager

Jack Pippin (Champion), Sr Manager of Activities


Want to get involved? Join the list of sustainability employees in case a vacancy needs to be filled: the Environmental Ambassador list. The Environmental Ambassadors receive monthly emails about recycling and waste reduction and its members should use this info to serve as sustainability leaders on their teams. If you’d like to join the list, email bhickman@vailresorts.com

Submit Your Zero Footprint Project Idea