Talent Development


Every employee at Vail Resorts is expected to be a Leader. 

As employees we hold each other to the expectation that, together, we lead the company to perform to its highest potential - to create the Experience of a Lifetime for each other and our guests.

Leadership is not a title, it's how you create an authentic relationship with others. Having an authentic relationship means being intelligent about your emotions. It requires listening - both understanding what others are saying, and how they are feeling - and requires a high level of candor... candor that is always in service of others.

Realizing your potential as a leader at Vail Resorts is a trek through challenging terrain characterized by taking risk, being vulnerable, and embracing personal development. It is a commitment to continuous learning and agility, and always striving to deliver the best results and realize the potential of your team. Only by re-imagining yourself as a leader can you help us re-imagine our company and our industry.

This terrain is not for everyone. We look for people who are brave, ambitious, and passionate to join us on our journey! 

If you have any questions, please contact Tahoe Talent Development.


Talent Development 2019 Winter Schedule, Tahoe Region

Talent and Development 2019 Winter Schedule, Tahoe Region
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Philosophy: 'Every employee at Vail Resorts is expected to be a leader.' Read on to discover more about Vail Resorts' Leadership Philosophy.
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Welcome to Talent Development, where the team is here to support your growth, development, and success as a leader at Vail Resorts!
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Whether you're embarking on your first season or your fifth, we encourage employees of all levels to attend our classes and begin, or continue, their leadership development journey.
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This program is an opportunity for new leaders to develop the essential knowledge needed to be a successful leader at Vail Resorts. Recommended for new leaders – both new to Vail Resorts and new to leadership.
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This one-day classroom course is the first leadership stop at Vail Resorts where participants will explore our leadership competencies and how to bring them to life.
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